Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I got a text yesterday from the midwife M, that she was going to have to reschedule our appointment. So I'll be seeing her when I get back from Spain. She said I had to go get an ultrasound before meeting with her so I'll do that in the morning and then meet her at around noon {they call it mid-day here}.
A bit disappointed that I'll have to wait until after, but excited for an ultrasound!
Also? Yesterday I felt like death. Today I feel better.
And...Jamie's getting the boys in the morning from now on so I can sleep in a bit.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


After a few cycles/months of trying I felt I was getting pretty good at reading my body. Which was to say that the month that I actually did get pregnant was exactly the same as every other cycle. I have no tell-tale pregnancy symptoms until at least 5 or 6 weeks.
But here are some things I have noticed that are different lately:
- I was scatterbrained before, but now? It's on a whole new level. I forget to put ingredients into recipes, I wander around the house aimlessly because I've forgotten what I was doing and if I want to tell someone something it has to be right that very second or else I've already forgotten.
- Um, I have this increased love of bacon. I know bacon is much-loved by so many, and I always liked it, but now? LOVE. The amazing thing about bacon is that you can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and was it not so expensive here I probably would do just that. Good thing for my arteries it's expensive.
- I'm tired. This is not unusual for me. I am rarely physically sick during pregnancies but I am dog-tired. The annoying thing is that most nights when I actually try to get to bed on time, I toss and turn for what seems like hours before falling asleep.
- My previously favourite drink? Water. Now I still drink lots of water, but I'm finding myself adding flavourings into it. Jamie likes Crystal Light or Nestea packages, so that's what I've been using. So weird.
- I am cravings central. This morning I woke up thinking about my Mom's Sticky Buns that she serves {only} on Christmas morning. Lately I've been longing for a good donut. And one time in the middle of the night I woke up and thought, tomorrow for lunch, I'm going to make myself an egg salad sandwich. Then I promptly went back to sleep. The next day, that's exactly what I did and it.was.amazing. And then just this last week obviously my body was craving dairy because for dinner I made the creamiest mac 'n cheese {the pasta is cooked in milk!} and then vanilla pudding with slices of banana in it. so.much.dairy.
- I generally don't feel fantastic, but not nauseous or throwing up so for that I am giving thanks.
- oh and my boobs are ridiculously sore.
So that's me. I'm still trying really hard to work out 5 days a week, drink lots and take naps when I can if I can't get to sleep early enough.
Looking forward to Spain and the ocean and Spanish food like churros and their famous jamon {ham} sandwiches and tapas...mmm.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I knew after I didn't get my period on Boxing Day that in likelihood I was pregnant. But I waited. Maybe to just relish in the thought of my private confidence that there was a little life growing inside of me, or maybe to just make sure that I really was pregnant.
Either way, I eventually bought a super sketchy pregnancy test from the pharmacy {for less than $1} and that confirmed what I already knew.
Baby #3 was on the way!
So I meet up with our potential midwife on Tuesday. At the hospital that she works out of. She doesn't do home births. So there's some anxiety there for me. Having had two previous home births {in Canada} I am terrified kinda nervous to have a hospital birth. It's not for safety reasons or anything like that, it's more the idea of being forced into a position I am uncomfortable with or having to be hooked up to wires or pressured into a procedure that is unnecessary. I am glad this is my third child. I know what my body is capable of and I think that should it come to it, I can act like a crazy pregnant woman and get what I know I need.
Yet another way God continues to teach me to trust in Him and know that His plan is good and no matter what happens, He will be with me through every step in this journey.
So here we go!