Tuesday, July 31, 2012

35 week appointment

Today was my last appointment with Michele. It was supposed to have been at 9am this morning but at 7:15am I got a text saying she was attending the birth of a woman who had gone into early labour and if I could just wait for her text to come in.
So at around mid-day (noon) I got a text asking if I'd prefer 2:30pm today or 10:30am tomorrow. We went for the 2:30 slot and arrived shortly after 2:30 due to massive rain storms and just being late in leaving the house.
Everything looks and sounds good. The heartbeat sounds good - no ectopic beats today but we'll keep an eye/ear out for things there.
My blood pressure was (of course) a little higher than she likes to see, but I think it's just me being in Uganda - higher elevation levels? I have no idea. I'm personally not worried, but we'll keep an eye on things to be sure.
I'm measuring 33 inches so as big as I feel, I am still smaller than I've been with both other pregnancies so here's hoping for a smaller baby! He's not small by any means, but I'm hoping this means that I can expect an under 9lb baby. *crossed fingers*
We talked about where I go when I am coming in to deliver, how long they'll let me go over due (there's no rush but will likely book a 41 week physiological scan if no baby has arrived by then) and then a crazy lady walked into our room and interrupted our conversation. Awesome. Michele escorted her out and found a nurse to keep an eye out for her.
My thoughts on everything is that it may just be better to have my baby at a hospital here rather than a hospital in Canada. They seem a bit more laid back, less likely to administer or push drugs or a C-section and as I tend to be more of an independent labour-er the doctor will just be there for the end of things while the nurses/midwives will do routine checks on me (if I'm in the hospital with enough time to be labouring instead of pushing out a baby!).
So I've got my next appointment with the doctor in 2 weeks and we'll see how he is, how the appointment goes and I'm just trusting that God's plan is best and it's yet another opportunity to trust in Him to take care of me and this baby.
And now to submit my receipts (oh how I miss "free" healthcare - sure it all gets refunded back to us, but we have to pay up front here and then submit paperwork to our insurance. ugh. I hate paperwork.).

Saturday, July 28, 2012

35 weeks

Whew. I'm feeling it. Last night I noticed the swelling has begun. It's just minor but it's there. I can feel it and only just barely see it. So here we go. Putting the feet up. Making extra sure to drink lots of water.

Yesterday at the craft market I was sitting in the shade with Noah & Jude and another little {white} boy came up to us and started playing with the boys. Instant friendship. Eventually I got talking to his dad and found out that this family of 2 boys and a baby girl live in Gulu. The mother just had a home birth a week ago with a midwife and had a fantastic experience! I was so encouraged {and a wee bit jealous} to hear about it! I was also encouraged to hear that while they were in Kampala, she was receiving care from Dr. Busingye - the same doctor I will have. The father had nothing but good things to say about him which was so reassuring and such a sweet blessing to my heart. {thank you, Jesus!}

I got a new pair of earrings at the urging of my friend Kelly who was also at the craft market but you can't see them in the above picture, so I made Jamie take a picture so I could show them off to you.

Lovely mint green. I love 'em.

Right now there's another party next door so we can count on blasting loud music with some sweet bass until at least 11pm tonight. Good times!

Well, we're off with Jamie's family to MishMash at yet another attempt for me to buy tortilla chips and bagels. Still no luck.
Tomorrow is Jude's birthday party and I'll be making the cake later on today and possibly some of the other food that I can prep ahead of time.
Baby B is a butternut squash! Can't wait to meet this little guy.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

34 weeks!

amazing. 34 weeks already! 3 weeks until I'm full-term. at least 6 weeks until baby B comes. {at least. probably 7ish. this is what I tell myself so I can be fully prepared for another overdue baby.}

I got a free baby changing pad the other day from another mom here in Kampala. I love the interwebs. Connecting people. Gettin' free stuff. She also gave me a few baby clothes and some swaddles. Hurrah for free stuff!

on Tuesday my in-laws arrive and we're all really excited! we've been trying to make the most of "just us" family time. today we're going to MishMash again to see if my bagel and tortilla ladies are there. crossing my fingers, but not getting my hopes up. we'll see. this is africa. :)

*also check out how big baby B is! the size of durian fruit! this seems random to me, but I like it. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

portrait by Jude

So Jude drew this. Do you see? It's me with baby B in my belly! I almost died from the cuteness and amazement when I saw this. Apparently I have 4 legs, but who cares? This is so cute!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


So I splurged a bit and bought this dress at MishMash last weekend. I love it. I've been looking for a dress similar to this and it's ridiculously comfy. So after looking at it last Saturday, I went back on Sunday and tried it on. I loved it. And I hope I'll be able to wear it post-baby as well!

Lots of movement but still not any weight gain since last week. I'm hoping this means a smaller baby than at least Jude {9lbs12oz!}.

I cannot believe I'm 33 weeks pregnant! That means only about 6 or 7 weeks left {I'm giving myself a week overdue and hoping that he won't go any later than that.}! That's crazy.

This morning we got a money transfer from Jamie's grandparents with birthday money for Jude's birthday and Baby B's. I think with B's money we'll buy some sort of comfy chair to put in our room for me to nurse him in. As long as it's comfy, I don't mind if it rocks or not. 

So this week I'm hoping we'll get the "party house" painted and some furniture moved around as well as setting up the house for guests. And last night I couldn't sleep as I was thinking about a bajillion things so I made a list of {among other things} things I'd like to get for the party house {ie. garbage bins, night tables, book shelf of some sort, maybe some sort of pretty decor to hang up, etc.}. And with Jamie home tomorrow {hurrah!} we really only have a week together before his family arrives and after they leave we'll likely have a week or two to get things ready for when Nick & Lisa arrive back in country. 
Before we know it, the wee babe will be here, my brother and his girlfriend will be visiting and then my parents will be here for a month!

Time is just a-flyin' by!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

32 weeks

My sweet and talented friend Beth took some maternity shots for me on Thursday. They all turned out oh-so-lovely. Except for the little black dot that is not on my lens, but actually inside my camera and appears on every.single.picture {and which we lovingly referred to as the "traveling mole" when it appeared on my face}, I love them all!
I figured I would use one for my bump pic this week.

I'm feeling pretty good. I have braxton hicks many times a week now and lots and lots of movement which is quite good although can be quite sudden and jumpy.

I got a ton of baby clothes from my sweet friend Aletha last weekend {on Canada Day} and sorted through them all into sizes. I'm dying to start rearranging the room and I may start rearranging furniture after Beth leaves. And by "I", I mean probably James taking a part the bunk beds at the very least and moving them up into the "party house". I'll probably use my nesting energy to clean up and clean out the "party house" for when Jamie's family arrives - on the 24th! So soon!

Only 8 more days until Jamie returns from the Philippines, but it seems like he's have a really good time there. Wish I could be there with him...perhaps Jamie and I will have to have an overnight getaway when his family is here. Maybe?

We're about to head out in a bit to MishMash even though it's a cool, cloudy day. I need to get me some bagels, tortilla chips and possibly an avocado or two to make some guacamole.

*oh and an assortment of the pictures that Beth took can be found here.

**so I weighed myself today hesitantly. still only at 11lbs gained! hoorah! but perhaps now is the time i should lay off the brownies and reece's pb cups, eh?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

31 weeks + 3 days

I had my 2nd last midwife appointment with Michele today. It went well.
Jamie dropped me off because he had to go pick up our camera that I left at a friend's house on Saturday for his trip to Manila.
Of course this was the one time I sat waiting for Michele to finish up with her previous appointment. But it did give me enough time to chill, relax and almost doze off as I waited. Because of this, my blood pressure was nice and low. So we laughed about that. I should probably come to all my appointments early enough to sit and relax for a few minutes.
We heard the heartbeat and it sounded great and we only caught the ectopic beat at the very beginning and then the heartbeat sounded perfectly fine and regular. Again, she reassured me this was nothing to worry about and I'm not. I feel good and at peace about it.
I had her go through my birth plan and help me with wording and taking things out that are irrelevant and highlighting things that will be important for me and Jamie and the baby.
I also got the results of my blood work and for the first time in 3 pregnancies, my blood levels are within a normal range! Amazing. Perhaps I'm eating more red meat living here? I'm not sure. But I'm pleased.
I'll get blood work done once more around 36 weeks to double check as well as get tested for GBS and here's hoping it's negative. But we'll see.

Jamie got off to the airport okay and we all said good-bye to him after lunch.

I think that's it. I'll have one more appointment with Michele before she leaves for the UK and I'll meet Dr. Busingye (boo-sin-jee) at that time.

My next appointment is on Jude's birthday - July 31st.