Saturday, June 30, 2012

thirty ONE

o canada!
breaking out my patriotic side with this shirt. i finally gave in and bought some maternity clothes. this shirt is not "maternity" but it's long. so it works.
there are some strawberry cupcakes sitting on my counter awaiting slatherings of icing and hungry bellies. tomorrow. i will likely eat at least two.
tuesday i have my next midwife appointment. i think i'll run through my birth plan with her to see if and what i need to change if they are things that are just not applicable. we'll see.
and it may be my last appointment with michele. i'm not sure but i'll find out on tuesday morning.
and now? i will sleep. and hope that jude does not wake up for the third night in a row with a tantrum because he doesn't want to be in his bed any more and that he wants to eat. um, no. we do not each at 3am. just because you chose not to eat your dinner, does not mean you get to make the rest of us pay the consequences.
that's all.
{31 weeks! crazy!}

Sunday, June 24, 2012

moving, moving, moving

It's a fun stage right now. {in a lot of ways.}
Mr. B is moving a LOT. In fact, sometimes I feel like he rarely stops moving. Often it's quite spazzy, sharp movements, but recently he's introduced a lot of large-scale movements. Like turning. Or stretching. Or something. I grabbed Jamie's hand today and put it on my belly and he was all, "he's going crazy in there!" and that wasn't even an extremely active moment. 
Part of me wonders, what does this mean? is he going to be hyperactive? out of control? super active and sporty? but most of me is just enjoying this reassuring movement and not really reading into it at all.
I asked the boys if they wanted to feel the baby move and Noah said, "um no. not right now." haha. 
Jude said he wanted to put his face on my belly which is hilarious and so Jude-like. Eventually he put his hand on my belly but Mr. B did not acquiesce to Jude's presence and was quite still. 
Either way, I am enjoying feeling him move although at times he can stretch out and it's quite painful. 
I will miss this feeling some day. I am trying to bottle it up so I can remember this on those days...

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I'm thirty years old. I'm thirty weeks pregnant. With my third child.
Pretty cool.
Thought I'd do one of these nifty little pregnancy questionnaires. In case you care.

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain: 10ish lbs.
Maternity clothes? Am I wearing them? Some. Mostly my regular clothes because I'm too cheap to buy anything new here. I am itching to find a couple more sundresses, though. That may be in the works this week.
Stretch marks? Probably. If the past has taught me anything, I find them after I give birth. Nothing major, though.
Sleep: Surprisingly good. Last night was a dreamy sleep except for the ridiculous birds on our roof this morning that sounded like animals in our attic. My kids of course slept in 'til 7:40 and the birds woke me up at 7am.
Best moment of the week: I'm not sure if it was the best of the whole week, but the other night I lay on the couch watching a movie and "holding" my belly. Mr. B was kicking and moving and it was a sweet thought to think that in less than 3 months I'll be holding him in my arms. Outside my belly.
Miss anything? My stretchy maternity brown culotte pants.
Movement: So.Much.Movement. Sometimes it feels like he's doing an Irish Jig inside of me. Sometimes I wonder if this is normal. Such spazzy movements.
Food cravings: Sugar. Peanut butter & chocolate.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Only when I eat 6 homemade "timbits" in a row.
Gender prediction: I'm no gypsy, but I'm pretty sure the ultrasound revealed Mr. B in all his glory. {boy.}
Labor signs: Starting to get a lot more Braxton Hicks. Achy joints.
Symptoms: Heartburn has arrived. Slight shortness of breath these days.
Belly button in or out? Out/flat
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time? Mostly content. I do have two little boys running around here wreaking havoc. It's good. We're cool. I cope with humour.
Looking forward to: Nesting! Organizing our bedroom and setting up the baby furniture in our room.

That's it for the most part. My next midwife appointment is July 3rd I think.
30 weeks! I feel like once I hit the 30's I'm on the home stretch. Still at least 10 more weeks, but still. Crazy!
Also? I adore these earrings. I've never seen anything like them since I bought them at the craft market back in November.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Good gracious I feel large and ungainly.
This morning I told Jamie that I have nothing to wear. Which is a lie. I just have nothing that feels comfortable. I'm big. And I still have at least 11 more weeks to go.
No, it's not all bad. I just have some days where I wake up and I feel huge. And achy. And tired.
We're headed out to MishMash and I'm going to treat myself to some delicious cinnamon raisin bagels.
Maybe I'll weigh myself first because "hello rolls of fat on my back."

**weight gain so far is 10lbs**

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

if it's not one thing, it's another

I know. I missed this week's baby bump picture. But Jamie was away. But he's home. Hooray!
I had a midwife appointment yesterday. The good news is my blood pressure has gone back down to what it was, despite it still being higher than Michele would like to see {134/85}. But still. It went down! I'm happy with that.
The other news is that when we were listening to baby B's heartbeat Michele mentioned that she had thought she heard it last time and that this time she was pretty sure that the little "blip" sound that was coming at the same time as the "whooshing" of his heartbeat is what they call an ectopic heartbeat. She quickly reassured me that it's nothing to worry about and it can happen but usually resolves itself. She wasn't entirely clear on what it was as she said she didn't know too much about it, but again reassured me that women are told not to worry about it.
Which of course means nothing to a pregnant lady.
So I googled it when I got home. There's not too much info out there except lots of other worried mommies who end up having perfectly healthy babies.
So we'll keep monitoring it and praying for healthy growth for baby B.
I can't believe I'm in my third trimester! Where has all the time gone!?
I'm getting really excited to meet this little guy and also reading lots of stories online of accidental unassisted home births. Which I probably shouldn't. But I find them less terrifying now and more fascinating.
Who knows what this delivery will be like? I just hope it's quick and we're out of the hospital ASAP.