Saturday, September 8, 2012

41 weeks

one gorgeous week overdue.
I admit. I went through many phases this week. acceptance. grouchiness. anger. frustration. desperation.
I've walked up and down our gigantic hill in our compound a bunch of times. I ate bowls of pineapple. I've paced and swayed and had lovely hot showers and crawled around on my hands and knees. I've done the "needful" with jamie.

if you don't like words like "mucus" and "blood" stop reading now. you've been warned.

I was getting a bit discouraged because unlike my other two pregnancies, I hadn't lost my mucus plug yet or lost much mucus at all. with noah I lost my mucus plug 4 days before he was born. with jude I think it was 2 days. to me, it's been somewhat of a "sign" that things are happening. so to not see it is discouraging.
this morning I've lost a bit of mucus which is a good thing. hopefully things will pick up.

right now there's a student meeting/retreat going on in our living room today; I can hear the clapping and singing and laughter and it makes me smile. baby B may not show up today, but if he does, he'll have a warm reception, that's for sure.

my latest plan that will likely not come to fruition;
if I am still pregnant on Monday, I will go to the hospital a couple hours early, get my ultrasound scan done and then meet with my doctor for my appointment with him at 11:30. as long as all is well with me and baby B I am going to push for the doctor to give me a stretch and sweep, since I've completed my full dosage of antibiotics {as he was concerned that I was GBS+ and didn't want to possibly push any bacteria further up and infect baby B}. I'm also going to push that I am not induced by any drugs until at least 42 weeks, as long as baby is okay. and depending on which dates he is going by, this could be either next Saturday (the 15th) or as late as the following Wednesday (the 19th!) depending on which dates my doctor is going by.

But let's all hope and pray that I announce the arrival of baby B before Monday at 11:30!


  1. still looking good at 42 weeks - hopeing and praying with you that you do not have to be induced and that all is well with baby - Autumn

  2. oops I mean 41 weeks {sigh} i hope that what i wrote is not prophetic :)

    1. Haha, thanks Autumn. I hope it's not prophetic either! :)

  3. Woot! I felt like this post needed a cheer after it!

    Common Baby B!! Make your entrance today little guy!

  4. Yes! Hoping with you that,Baby B will be in your arms long before Monday 11:30!

  5. Aw V. I can just hear the frustration in your voice. I know you're trusting in God still, and I know you're doing whatever can be done. Hang in there mama, Baby B will be a'comin' in no time. Much love to you all. And btw - I think you're bang on to press for the stretch and sweep - though, I don't think I'd ever "press" for such a thing. You're one tough cookie. Hope you've rested well this eve. xo

  6. I hope your appointment went well today and that baby Bster is making his way into this world!


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