Monday, September 24, 2012

42 weeks & 1 week

Here I am at 42 weeks pregnant on the left. And me and 1 week old Blaise on the right.
*please note that I have not yet learned to maintain proper posture since having the baby. Hello arched back and slumped shoulders! It's a weird feeling not to have that little guy inside me anymore!*

We are slowly adjusting but I think the slow-paced lifestyle that we live here in Uganda has been a very positive thing. That and Jamie is on paternity leave for a month {so thankful!}.
My parents arrive in less than 2 weeks and they'll be staying for a month {again - SO thankful!}.
This is likely my last post on this blog and you can find any other baby-related posts on my main blog, Strickly Speaking.
Thanks for following along with me on this journey of being pregnant here in Uganda! Blaise's birth story will be posted on my main blog {tomorrow!} so make sure to check that out.


  1. AH I love this one from the side, though Blaise is a "big" baby he looks so small and compact in this one I want to squish him!

  2. look at Blaise's itty bitty bum and big fuzzy head! So freaking adorable. Do NOT make excuses for how you look ONE week after giving birth you mad woman. You look lovely, still radiant, not exhausted and generally fab. I am so so pleased you'll have so much support and that Jamie can be home for a month with you guys. Hellloo bonding time! Love you guys!

    1. Thanks, Tam. Generally I'm pleased with how quickly I've shrunk down, but man oh man, my back is sore from hunching over and not using proper posture. It's crazy how my body is just used to being front-heavy. :)

  3. So great! can you imagine how scrunched up Blaise must have been? no wonder they fling their arms out when startled :D and Yes! you do look lovely but knowing you, there will be another jogging stroller hurtling around next summer!! take time to rest, heal and re-tone - in that order! (I can leave all treats at home if you wish :D... mean, I know!)


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