Sunday, September 2, 2012

pretty feet

Last night I ate a huge bowl of pineapple after reading online that it contains some sort of something that can induce labour {I'm full of useful information, eh?}. A long shot, but worth a try seeing as we had an ice cream tub full of cut, fresh, delicious, Ugandan pineapple. I had another bowl this morning, too.
It's taking me longer to fall asleep these nights. I toss and turn and get up and pee and go back to bed and toss and turn some more before I have to go pee again and then finally fall asleep at some point.
And baby B is still moving a fair bit, but after googling it, babies don't necessarily stop or slow down in movements, but rather the type of movement can change. From kicking and punching to more shifting and "scuffling" is what one website called it. Well, I have both. The punching and the shifting. So there's that.
And almost always while I'm trying to fall asleep.
Today we went out for lunch and then me and Lisa got pedicures.
*insert sigh of relief*
My tootsies were in dire need of a pedi and they look fabulous now. Also I heard foot massage {although the place we went could use a little lesson in giving  l o n g e r  foot massages} can be good for inducing labour?
I also took my last antibiotic pill this morning so yep. Any time now, baby.
Perhaps I'll even have a shower tonight and then blow dry my hair in the hopes that he'll come tonight/tomorrow and I'll be all perty and fresh.
Also? There's a baby pool set up on the side bar. Feel free to enter a guess if you haven't already!
Lots of people guessed September 3rd which would be LOVELY.
My mango {all four of them!} is all cut up and in the freezer {it's become a favourite ice-cream alternative for me - plus it helps with, er, digestive issues I've been experiencing lately}.
Maybe I should start crocheting a baby blanket or something.
Hmmm, that's not a bad idea!
So that's my rambling for today. No baby. Just pretty feet.


  1. Thanks for the update. Was wondrring if Baby B was still hanging around inside or not. Glad you had a nice pedi, sounds like something I'd like to put on my to-do list before little Lungette, although it isn't super warm here these days, I'm always in sandals still.

  2. Here's hoping the pineapple does the trick! Mmmm... I always wanted a pedi when I was pregnant... what colour?

    1. This time I brought my own as I wanted red. Not Christmas red, but more of a cherry red. I had purple before. I alternate between red & purple I think as favourite pedi colours. :)

  3. oooooohhh a pedi and a blow dry! i love how much effort you're making in preparation for baby B. :) I didn't ever hear about pineapple - that's a keeper! glad you got a chance for some good pampering today sweet friend. so excited to hear about Baby B. Lots of babies being born in September already, come on Baby B, come on! :)

    1. Yeah, the blow dry didn't happen. We stayed up late to watch Dark Knight and then I went straight to bed.
      And upon more reading, apparently you'd have to eat about 7 pineapples for the chemical in it to make any sort of difference. Ha.
      Oh well. At least they taste good.

    2. Also, a note on the blow dry and pedi. It's for me. Not that I haven't been able to go for a pedi and blow dry my hair since having kids. I just know that in a few weeks (*cough* days), it's going to be different. less time for me. So I'm taking it now. And plus it's always good to feel good about yourself. And that's what blow drying my hair and getting pedis do for me.
      *steps down off soapbox now*

    3. Hear hear on the blow dry and pedi. It is actually quite a simple ego boost isn't it? Thanks for the pineapple tip. I'll shelve it for now though. 7 pineapples is a LOT of sugar. Natural or no. Boo, but I reckon all your movement and your interaction with the boys will help you right along!

  4. Oh, I just got a ton of yarn and wool. Want me to bring some?? maybe you can teach me how to crochet!


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