Saturday, September 15, 2012

forty two

Dear B,

I guess I've made a pretty comfy space for you, eh? At least, I hope you're comfortable. One of us should be.
We are really, really excited to meet you, but at this point it's hard to believe that you're actually going to join us and make us a family of 5!
We aren't a perfect family. We yell. And fight. And sometimes we're loud and rude. But your oldest brother, Noah? He's incredibly helpful. He'll teach you how to build amazing things out of Lego and give you lots of really big pushes on the swing when you're big enough. He's also really ticklish so I'm just giving you a heads up when the wrestling matches begin with him.
And your other big brother Jude? He's funny. And silly. And he's the one who's been telling you lots of stories while you've been cooking inside of me.
Both of your brothers are great cuddlers and will give you lots of hugs and kisses and are so incredibly excited to meet you and show you all of the new toys you have!
Your Daddy is the best man I have ever known. He loves Jesus. And sports. And he'll teach you all the Manchester United anthems as well as every and any sports statistic you're interested in hearing about. I can't think of a better role model for you to aspire to be like.
And me? Well, I'm your Mama. I've been wishing and hoping and praying for you for a long time. Even before I knew you were inside of me. I have a feeling you are to be the last child I'll have grown inside my belly and so while this waiting and waiting and waiting for you has at times been really frustrating, I've also tried to savour every kick and punch and flip-flop that you've made inside of me. Because you have been moving a lot and I know I'll miss these feelings that only I get to experience with you once you make your appearance in this big, wide world.
I will cuddle and kiss you and breathe you in and sing you sweet songs. I will rock you and nurse you in the middle of the night. I will pray sweet blessings over you as well as warrior prayers.

However and whenever you come, I'm trusting God to protect you and bring you to us in the exact time and way He has planned.
Above all, I want you to know that you are loved. Not just by us, but by Jesus. I will do everything I can to share with you how much He loves you and what a joy it is to know Him and live your life following after Him.
I love you, baby B.
Please come soon!

with a heart that continues to grow with love for you,


  1. {tears} oh that is such a sweet post!!! you are so beautiful - is it weird for me to say that? :)
    anyway all the best

    1. Thanks, Autumn. And no, not weird. Thank you for the compliment. :) I'll need to remember it post-partum when I always struggle with my new body and loving it like I love my pregnant body.

  2. Seriously V this looks like a pro shot, I guess Jamie is getting really good with it with 3 (all over due) pregnancies eh? You may look like that kid is going to explode out of you but you still look GORGEOUS and glowy :) If you need help with motivating the post baby body give me a shout! love ya, thanks for this beautiful post about your family. It oozes warm fuzzy but real love :)

    1. Thanks, sis. I like how tanned I look. :)
      Yeah, it's crazy how just on Friday I was saying I didn't really feel or think I looked that big and then kaBAM! Maybe I had a growth spurt or something?
      I'll definitely take any help from you for getting back in shape post-baby!

    2. I think even if you have to be induced on Tues you should take a photo that morning for week 43!!!! Just to say you made it that long! haha!

    3. My bad I thought you were counting weeks by Mon/Tues Mom just told me 43 weeks would be around friday? I take that back...please don't make it til Friday hahaha!

  3. This is such a sweet post. I am praying for you guys as you transition to becoming a family of five. I love that you are trying to savour each kick and beautiful. I love the real-ness of this post;) Love you!


  4. Oh, I do love you! Your boys are so blessed...imperfect family and all! Mom

  5. Hey! Where'd my reply go? I was saying - I LOVE this post. i LOVE that you're taking a photo at 42 weeks and I LOVE even more that you are smiling in it and looking absolutely adorbs!! What a great post. So lovely and heart-warming. sweet sweet friend, that baby must be uber comfy in your tummy, and that's cos you've got lots of practice being an uber loving mama.

  6. I'm looking at you again, and thanking God for how wonderfully He has made you. His Word tells us how wonderfully made Blaise is in the womb (and before you even knew him) but I am seeing YOU as His amazing creation too! love you lots...praying! Mom


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