Monday, September 10, 2012

the gong show

oh Uganda.

so I woke up this morning, armed with my plan to call the clinic that has done my ultrasounds before. unfortunately, Alice (the technician) wasn't in until 5pm today so I couldn't go into the clinic in time to get to my 11:30am appointment.
we decided to go to the hospital and pulled in at around 10am. I had called shortly before we left and was assured that I just needed to bring in my requisition and could get an ultrasound shortly thereafter.
when we got there, there was another (very) pregnant woman talking to a nurse and I could hear her saying something about something not being available.
I talked to the receptionist and she motioned that I also talk to this nurse. the nurse then told me that they had taken the ultrasound machine up to the NICU for an emergency and it was unavailable. but she assured me that I would be able to make my 11:30am appointment in time.
so we sat. about 5 minutes later we did see the ultrasound machine being wheeled back into the room.
I was pregnant lady #3 waiting.
eventually it was my turn and the technician was very nice and friendly and we joked about the size and lateness of this baby. he told me the baby's estimated weight was 8.5lbs but I think we all know he'll be bigger. but baby B looked good, the fluid levels looked good and he's head down and ready.
this was great news and lovely to see my little man (all squished up in there!).
then we went over to the other part of the hospital to sign in to see the doctor (right at 11:30!) and after I had already paid and gone through triage (with HIGH blood pressure. sigh. the nurse didn't mention anything to me, though.) a nurse then decided to tell me that the doctor had been called into an emergency and was in "theater" (aka, surgery) and that he wouldn't be out until maybe around 1pm.
again, I was third on the list to see him. so Jamie and I decided to go out for lunch and come back around 1. it was a nice lunch out together and we got back to the hospital around 1:15pm.
at this point we're informed that the doctor has been called into another surgery and won't be out for maybe another 1.5 to 2 hours.
I opt to reschedule for tomorrow morning.
so we know baby B is doing well.
which made all the driving around and everything else completely worth it.

and then...? well, Jamie and I decided to give it another shot (you know what I mean) so we put on a movie for the kids and gave them snacks and since about 5ish I've been having some mild contractions.
which is good.
but I'm not assuming anything is going to happen. but it's (again) encouraging to me to know that my body is doing something to get this kid out!

so that's the update. my appointment with the doctor is 7:30am tomorrow morning - or sooner if things actually start happening!


  1. Oh my, Gong Show indeed! Glad baby is doing well and there are some mild contractions! :) And good idea to go for lunch to turn the day around a bit. Praying!!

  2. So exciting there's contractions! I remember being so grumpy the final couple of days of the pregnancy with E that I practically begged the midwives to do a stretch and sweep for me. Hang in there sweet heart you're on the home stretch :)

  3. Wow, that's quite the marathon! I hope you had some very rich dark chocolate cake for dessert :D delivery could be messy, but hey, it worked for me! watching, waiting and praying! love you!


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