Saturday, September 1, 2012

forty weeks

Here we are. Forty weeks. I decided to see if this shirt would fit me. Hooray for another shirt to add to my repertoire. And not a moment too late.

The last few days have been better in terms of how I've been feeling physically. Which is good. But no signs that baby B is coming any time soon, unfortunately. {specifically I'm talking the loss of a mucus plug, but that's only because I lost it both times before I went into labour with Noah and Jude, but I guess every labour is different.}
I had a bit of cramping/contractions off and on this past week, but nothing regular or frequent.

I really just want to have this baby by the end of next week so that I don't have to get my blood pressure taken {doctor's orders/recommendations}. I know it will be high. I can feel my heart racing right now and I'm sitting down. I haven't had any caffeine and I've been making sure I'm resting throughout the day, but I know it'll only be resolved once this baby is born. So come on, baby! Come already!

In the meantime, we're all stuck in this holding pattern of w a i t i n g for something - anything - to happen. I tossed and turned last night and dreamed that I gave birth to baby B at home and it was wonderful and lovely and he was just chilling on the bed after the birth and Noah wanted to hold him and it was perfect.

Then in the morning Jamie got up with the boys and I fell back to sleep until 9:15.

So here's to hoping this is my last weekly bump pic and the next picture I post is of baby B in my arms.

ps. baby B is now apparently the size of a jackfruit. which I find completely ironic as jackfruit is aplenty here in Uganda. If you've never tried it, I liken it to tasting similar to an apple, yet having a consistency of...lychee or something weird. I'm not particularly a fan, but I agree. baby B is definitely the size of a jackfruit right now. Those things are massive!


  1. Still gorgeous at 40 weeks! Not every pregnant woman can say that :) I hope you're able to let us know by blog/tweet or something when you DO go into labour :) We'll be praying!!!

    1. Thanks, Bean. :)
      I'll be texting you, don't you worry. You'll know. :)

  2. you look amazing!!! hopefully Baby B will come soon

  3. Father, bless this sweet child's arrival with your favour! May these next days be filled with calm assurance that You control everything from weather to traffic to blood pressure and home birth surprise options! We are glad that You are the great Giver of all good gifts and Blaise is most precious in Your sight!
    Thankyou Lord, may Your Name be lifted high!
    Many people asked of you at church today (S Doxsee had his baby girl Emma yesterday?) You were also prayed for in church!
    I love the dream you had...Noah already has a special role I think!


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