Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's official. My feet are swelling. Not huge like when I was pregnant with Noah, but they are definitely swelling.
So right now the boys are getting some tv freebie time so I can put my feet UP. Jamie is also bringing dinner home tonight. I may have to lay off the dinner prep until baby comes. We'll see.
Also I can feel my heart racing off and on throughout the day. Sigh. So I'm trying to keep chill and lie down when I need to.
This baby needs to come STAT.


  1. Not good...wish it weren't so! but at least it's at the very end :D Not so bad getting out of dinner prep...but no dinner doesn't work either :S I have skype open..just incase!

  2. thinking of you during this time and hope all goes well - my son celebrates his 24 birthday on Sept 1 :)

  3. hang in there sweet sweet friend!! so far, its all still sounding more positive than before. less swelling, less weight gain etc. you are awesome and wonderful and beautifully created and these days are a mere blimp on the radar! loving you muchly.

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  5. A mere blimp eh Tams? hehe for a second I thought you were insulting my sister :P haha!


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