Tuesday, August 28, 2012

some disappointment and some good stuff

So Jamie and I met with Dr. B today. After waiting over an hour to see him {and hoping it's my last appointment before we meet baby B} we finally sat down across from him in his office.
My blood pressure was high from when the nurse took it, so he took it again. When the nurse took it, it was 148/90 and then when the doctor took it, it was 130/80. The top number was slightly high for him so he said I need to get my blood pressure taken again next week and then we'll see where we go from there. In hindsight I shouldn't have had that cup of coffee this morning.

So no more caffeine for me, cutting back on sugar and trying to just take lots of deep breaths when my boys are both yelling at each other and me at the same time and I'm about to blow a gasket.
Hopefully that will help.

He didn't really have the doppler turned up so we couldn't really hear baby B's heartbeat very loudly, but he did keep moving it around as I knew B was moving quite a bit prior to the appointment.
He said the baby's head is down and engaged {hooray!} and he's more to my left side, than my right, but not posterior anymore {I figured he wouldn't be as he moves SO MUCH!}.

He said he could prescribe me some oral antibiotics to take care of the GBS so I don't have to get hooked up to an IV - hooray! That was definite good news and relieves some of the pressure I was feeling about getting to the hospital ASAP. I took my first pill tonight.

Unfortunately when I inquired about possibly getting a stretch and sweep he declined due to me being GBS+. I didn't want to be one of those know-it-all pregnant women and say that my midwives did 3 on me when I was pregnant and GBS+ with Jude. It's his prerogative and he just didn't feel like it was a good option with the GBS and the possibility of the bacteria creeping further up or being spread around or something. Now I'm just praying that God makes this baby come in good time and that I don't need any interventions.

He also prescribed me iron supplements which of course the pharmacy didn't have at the hospital so I'll have to get Jamie to pick me up some at another pharmacy. Hopefully tomorrow so I can start taking them.

And then I found out he's not counting my due date as September 1st!!! He's going by the day of my last period {as opposed to the ultrasound scan} which would put me at September 5th being my due date. WHAT?!? Psh. I'm still going by the 1st.
Anyway, so he mentioned at September 15th as a possible induction date {yech.} but if I'm still pregnant by September 15th I'll give myself a stretch and sweep.

Anyway so we booked my next appointment with him for the 10th and I told him I hope to meet him in the labour ward the next time I see him and not his office.

So I secretly was hoping for a stretch and sweep today, but no dice.
But I am encouraged to know that B's head is down and ready.

Oh and the doctor also asked how big my last baby was and said that this one is going to be a bigger one as well. My personal thoughts are that he's going to be 8lbs something, but I'm praying no more than that. I just think I was so much bigger when I was pregnant with Jude! But maybe I'll weigh myself after this because I'm pretty sure I have put on {or baby B has, at least!} more weight in the last couple weeks.

Anyway, so that's that. My 39 week + 3 day appointment. Or if you're going by the doctor's calculations, my 38 week + 6 day appointment. Psh.


  1. Boooo V. Sorry that it was a somewhat disappointing appointment. You'll have to explain a stretch and sweep to me because it sounds like its quite an important thing for you. Glad the baby is in the right spot and that you have been given an antibiotic prescription so no IV for you. Keep me updated on the progress of the iron etc. And no caffeine anymore lady! Hoping it'll do the trick. Love ya heaps. Keep yer head up. That baby is comin' out when its ready, regardless of the 1st or 5th. xo

  2. Oh dear, bp can really shoot up when stressed, but yes, try to chill (don't watch the clock/calendar)! so glad for the oral meds instead of IV too! and 'head down' is great!! love you!

  3. Give yourself a stretch and sweep eh? I laughed out loud at that one! :) you're my favorite pregnant person btw. hilarious.


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